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What You Need When Making a Marijuana Grow Box

There has been a very long history of people planting and cultivating cannabis under cover or rather secretly in their houses. Through several innovative ways, the growth of cannabis in houses has been possible. These innovative ways range from turning bedroom closets into cannabis grow box and also converting kitchen cabinets into a marijuana grobo box.

Because of the progressive thinking on marijuana legalization, the world of growing marijuana at home is about to undergo tremendous changes More and more countries are trying to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes.

If the marijuana legalization movement is successful, many people will start growing marijuana in their homes. Luckily, there are only a number of options that people can choose to grow the weed in their homes. It is without doubt that the best option is using a marijuana grow box.

You could either build the marijuana grow box from scratch or even buy a complete set. Take note that if you want to buy a marijuana a grow box, you will have to buy the complete parts and then put them together. The second building option entails building all the components of the marijuana grow box from scratch and putting them together to form the complete box.

Some of the things you may require when building the marijuana grow box include cannabis seeds, seed starters, the grow light, LED grow light, HID grow light, air and fan filter, fabric pots, fertilizer, potting mix, and a grow tent. It is important that you create a grow tent which is square in shape and has a reflective material in the inside part. Take note that the size of your grow tent will determine the amount of marijuana you will eventually harvest.
The grow light is very important since marijuana needs a lot of direct sunlight. A lamp of good quality is necessary if you are using an LED grow light.It is important that you replace the bulbs after every two grows when using the HID grow lights.

Free airflow is an important factor when growing weed indoors. The air and fan filter is important in ensuring that the grow tent has free airflow. Another important fact about the fan filter is that it removes the strong marijuana scent in your house. It is in the fabric pots that your weed will grow. The fabric pots are better compared to other pots since they drain water better and allow oxygen to penetrate to the roots. The potting mix thrives on soil and is better than a hydroponic system.

Seed starters are a must have when cultivating weed indoors. Easy germination of your seeds is possible through the seed starters. The cannabis plant is a hungry plant that requires fertilizer. The right quantity of fertilizer will help your cannabis seeds to grow well.

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